Three attempts - First attempt

 2011.09.12. 17:03

As promised in the previous section, I show the three manipulations, which circumvented the slot machines.

First attempt: a piece of money on the line vs mechanics
Method: When the gaming machine or a purely mechanical devices were cogs and coils worked, was testing whether a coin was thrown into a plate mounted on the actual springs. The coin was the disc, hold it and the game is released. Smart player invented a method that is called (hang) "clause". Just a string tied to the coin is a cast, and if you needed a test drive, simply leave the thread again and fished out your coin. Although this method does not increase your chances of winning, thus effectively playing for free.
Does it work? Previously, you could be fooled by this method is quite one or the other machine. But even if some pro players still carry around the quarterback on the line for good luck, this age of computer technology to cheat slot machines totally obsolete, since the coin detection is not done mechanically.

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