Three attempts

 2011.09.28. 16:58

Microwave emitters vs. Computer ChipMethod: In this day and age almost every computer game machines precision tools. But of course they are not immune to manipulation. Technically savvy tinkerer will have developed a microwave beam to interfere with the micro-chip inside the machine, and it does not…

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Second attempts

 2011.09.21. 14:11

In the second experiment with stove vs electronic ignitionMethod: The technology has evolved, many gaming machines were equipped with electronic control. The cylinder is stopped in an electronic pulse. This was the player of course, very quickly, and looking for a way to ensure that this momentum…

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Three attempts - First attempt

 2011.09.12. 17:03

As promised in the previous section, I show the three manipulations, which circumvented the slot machines.First attempt: a piece of money on the line vs mechanicsMethod: When the gaming machine or a purely mechanical devices were cogs and coils worked, was testing whether a coin was thrown into a…

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Gaming machine manipulation

 2011.09.06. 13:10

The idea is as old as the only machines slot machines themselves. Each plane struck. Accordingly, it is probably much easier to come up with a way to circumvent the fruit machine when a fortune. The methods have become increasingly complex and sophisticated gaming machines are always fanciful, but…

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