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 2011.09.28. 16:58

Microwave emitters vs. Computer Chip
Method: In this day and age almost every computer game machines precision tools. But of course they are not immune to manipulation. Technically savvy tinkerer will have developed a microwave beam to interfere with the micro-chip inside the machine, and it does not allow players to achieve the illegal payment, or in control of the game machines.
Does it work? This question is still no clear answer - in theory yes. Since most computers are screened, however, it is very difficult to build such an apparatus, the success of such an action rather the question. If this is such a simple fact, you can be sure that the whole casino would end very quickly.

In addition to the individual slot machines are now very well protected, there is still a real casino security and surveillance. Each casino is under video surveillance, and the larger institutions have a power supply voltage fluctuations measured by the machine. In other words, it is not advisable to attempt such a manipulation experiment - the stakes are simply too high.

The point is that each machine can be walked over in his mind, just not sure that it is worth. : D

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