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 2012.01.03. 14:20

If you are a beginner it is always better to start play on any number of pay lines and reels. If you play many paylines increase your risk, which can be dangerous to your finances. It is always tempting to bet big in hopes of winning the jackpot, but this also means that the losses will be much greater. Winning at slots is not easy, and the random number generator will not help you. Remember that you play to have fun because if you play for the jackpot you will be disappointed. And if by chance you pick up the prize you will certainly feel better if you do not think about all the losses to get there.

You have to start playing with a starting capital and never exceed this limit. This also applies to gains. The ideal would be to stop after doubling its implementation by not filling your losses. This way you will avoid large losses and the temptation to spend more than your limit to recover your losses. It is prudent to divide the amount you want to bet smaller amount for each session of play this way you can lose all your money at once. Decide in advance if you target the jackpot or if you prefer average amounts and regular. Are the major jackpots in progressive games but these require being very important. It is also important to always play on the machines with the best payouts on earnings.

If you're out of luck on a machine, change machine. If you have a negative number when you play online stop for a while. This way you avoid to continue on a roll negative or depressed.

Playing slots is fun and exciting and it's a nice way to earn some extra money, but it is very important s'avoir stop when there is only a slim chance to replenish its losses.

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