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 2012.02.09. 14:51

For some time, is available in the lucrative market of online casino live dealer version, ie the one with the live dealer. The casino software are all certified and offer security guarantees and the randomness of the results, nevertheless, the feeling may be pleasant to play with a dealer in flesh and blood who shuffles and deals the cards and throws the roulette ball just like in real casinos .

Usually play with a croupier in casinos is costly, the minimum stake is quite high and not everyone can afford. If you are in a casino, the only remedy is to play with an electronic device and the results are the same, but the feeling is different. Surely it is less compelling.

Many are impersonal and detached even online play, in front of the PC screen. For such a system was devised very ingenious: the online casino with live dealers. Of course not all casinos offer the opportunity to play with live dealers, namely dealers in flesh and bones.

Since, the avid gambler is a man (though there are many exceptions) you have chosen to place the camera in front of the casino dealer live online with a comely young lady. The best game to exploit the potential of the casino with live dealer has blackjack, in which it has a real face to face with the dealer passes the cards on a scanner and these appear on the screen of your PC. The advantages of playing online casino with live dealers are also others: the ability to "hear" the sounds around the table, listening to the voice of the croupier, and interact via chat with other players. And if you play you want to see what happens in the other tables? Unbelievable but true, some casinos offer the opportunity to virtually walk through the tables and watch real games to play with cameras placed in casinos that actually exist.

So, what separates you from a real casino is just the screen of your PC. It seems that you give to be done to break down too!

The evolution of live dealer does not end there. Some casinos have hired celebrities for brief appearances by the dealer. Needless to say, this is an excuse to raise the effective price of the stakes and increase the reputation of the casino. There are lots of players willing to do anything to get out the cards for some celebrities.

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