Slots Myths and Secrets

 2012.01.26. 15:56

According to one popular belief is that luck that saves slots. Although there is no safe system for winning at slot machines there are still ways to increase the odds. Players must play with caution so as not to end up losing big.

To avoid losing all his money a player must be able to stick to reality. The myths have been spread by those who wanted to increase their chances of winning the jackpot. The reality is that slot machines are operated by means of random number generators and do not depend in any rituals or systems. A number of these myths can be disastrous for your portfolio.

Disbursements of gains are determined by the game and not the machine, and the winning combinations are determined also by the random number generator that is programmed into the chip of the online pokie. It is unnecessary to give special machine jackpots. Slots and video online also have a random number generator and thus it is impossible to fake it, unless the casino do not use number generator.

There are no machines "magic" in some places. The slot machine on which you play today may not be the same as yesterday, especially if it gave a prize. Casinos move their machines regularly and the only indication of the possibility of winning a jackpot is the payout.

A player can calculate the odds of winning but that's not counting the symbols roll. Today all the slot machines are computerized and are run by random number generators and it is they who will determine the series or combination that will appear on the payline. This happens in online casinos and also in land based casinos. It is therefore clear that it is impossible to predict whether the game will give a small or large lot. The casinos have higher payout but that does not mean that they regularly distribute a period of time because they too are distributed randomly.

Contrary to popular belief the casinos can not help or make it more difficult to win simply by pushing a button. They can change the chip slot machines but it would be breaking the law runs the games and casinos. It may be that in some cases to accommodate some players they raise the setting but again the result is still uncertain.

The only way to win in a game of slots is to play wisely.


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