Online Roulette

 2012.03.06. 15:28

Among the most popular in the world, that roulette is a game that 200 years now, has never failed to delight generations of players to hit the numbers on a red background and numbers on a black background.

Made famous by a filmography with no limits, roulette began to become the main protagonist in the world of online casino thanks to the passion of players and appreciated efforts of many rooms that have managed to play the game with graphics worthy of the most luxurious casino live.

To help ensure that your online roulette games are conducted only in the best rooms and the most advanced software, we developed a particular classification of all the rooms of casinos legal in Australia - ordering them to put at the top of the list salt that we consider to be absolute must-haves. Those who can not help but feel, in short.

If you are then your first experience with the world of roulette online, then try to take a few minutes to read what was published after the ranking, since you may discover much valuable advice to make up for your lack of experience.

Since there are only two types of roulette, before venturing into the intricacies of the game and give you all the valuable information that can really turn you into a winning player, you must proceed as useful as an introduction necessary.

The two variants of the game of roulette in casino you can find both online and in live ones are those of the American roulette and European roulette - two games are essentially identical except for the number of zeros on the wheel: two in the U.S. and a in the European Union.


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Video Poker Games

 2012.02.28. 15:16

Video poker is a game close to the style slot machines. However the video poker game is based primarily on the 5-card stud. In video poker, a player receives five cards that may be possessed or exchanged in order to form a better hand. What attracts many players is that there is no element of bluff in video poker.

The video poker machines are very popular in casinos. Some felt that the casinopoker tables are intimidating and prefer video poker machines where the pressure is lower while the game can distract you for hours. Part of video poker is not expensive, which may be ideal for players with modest funds.

As this game is simple to install and play in clubs and casinos, you will find these machines in many countries and regions worldwide. It is also possible to play video poker online from home rather than play on a machine in a casino.

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Live Dealer Online Casino

 2012.02.09. 14:51

For some time, is available in the lucrative market of online casino live dealer version, ie the one with the live dealer. The casino software are all certified and offer security guarantees and the randomness of the results, nevertheless, the feeling may be pleasant to play with a dealer in flesh and blood who shuffles and deals the cards and throws the roulette ball just like in real casinos .

Usually play with a croupier in casinos is costly, the minimum stake is quite high and not everyone can afford. If you are in a casino, the only remedy is to play with an electronic device and the results are the same, but the feeling is different. Surely it is less compelling.

Many are impersonal and detached even online play, in front of the PC screen. For such a system was devised very ingenious: the online casino with live dealers. Of course not all casinos offer the opportunity to play with live dealers, namely dealers in flesh and bones.

Since, the avid gambler is a man (though there are many exceptions) you have chosen to place the camera in front of the casino dealer live online with a comely young lady. The best game to exploit the potential of the casino with live dealer has blackjack, in which it has a real face to face with the dealer passes the cards on a scanner and these appear on the screen of your PC. The advantages of playing online casino with live dealers are also others: the ability to "hear" the sounds around the table, listening to the voice of the croupier, and interact via chat with other players. And if you play you want to see what happens in the other tables? Unbelievable but true, some casinos offer the opportunity to virtually walk through the tables and watch real games to play with cameras placed in casinos that actually exist.

So, what separates you from a real casino is just the screen of your PC. It seems that you give to be done to break down too!

The evolution of live dealer does not end there. Some casinos have hired celebrities for brief appearances by the dealer. Needless to say, this is an excuse to raise the effective price of the stakes and increase the reputation of the casino. There are lots of players willing to do anything to get out the cards for some celebrities.

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The Best Online Casino

 2012.02.02. 14:34

The best online casino halls on which play is always a pleasure, programs that allow you to win playing in complete safety: these are the dreams "prohibited" in all the Italian players who every day flock to the network to play online.

But how do you find the best online casino? What makes a casino room on the internet better than any other? What are the best online casino Australian who, while respecting the provisions, they offer gaming experience worthy of their international colleagues?

If you also often put questions like these, then take a look at the list of this page and the ranking of the best casinos created - ​​may have finally run your search!

How do I choose the best casinos?

Since no one likes to play on salt mediocre (if not worse than mediocre), the search for the best online casinos available is a constant that unites a po'tutti players available. According to research done by our site a few months ago, in fact, the vast majority of respondents responded that players would play "only in the best casino" without having to waste time trying to casino room - while offering products at more than acceptable - can not reach the top of the field.

The near unanimity of the responses, however, collapsed when the same respondents had to try to define what are the factors that make a casino better than another because, if the difference between a mediocre and excellent dining is quite clear in the world of live , things can get much more complicated when discussing the world of online casinos.

According to some, the best casinos are those that offer a lot of games to their subscribers and therefore allow you to try a number of casino games so vast as to make the same title, never to return, even after several weeks.

Other players, however, think that the best casinos are those who have cared for the graphics software and the most advanced security protocols. Programs that, in addition to being a feast for the eyes, are also easy to use and compatible with different operating systems. Why do not all always have a PC with Windows at your fingertips.

Not a few, then, they have also shown their appreciation in a particular promotions offered by the salt, because now advanced in one area such as online gambling, best casino on the Internet are often the ones that show to pay special attention to players who have registered " thanking them "for their choice with bonuses and loyalty programs really cheap.

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Slots Myths and Secrets

 2012.01.26. 15:56

According to one popular belief is that luck that saves slots. Although there is no safe system for winning at slot machines there are still ways to increase the odds. Players must play with caution so as not to end up losing big.

To avoid losing all his money a player must be able to stick to reality. The myths have been spread by those who wanted to increase their chances of winning the jackpot. The reality is that slot machines are operated by means of random number generators and do not depend in any rituals or systems. A number of these myths can be disastrous for your portfolio.

Disbursements of gains are determined by the game and not the machine, and the winning combinations are determined also by the random number generator that is programmed into the chip of the online pokie. It is unnecessary to give special machine jackpots. Slots and video online also have a random number generator and thus it is impossible to fake it, unless the casino do not use number generator.

There are no machines "magic" in some places. The slot machine on which you play today may not be the same as yesterday, especially if it gave a prize. Casinos move their machines regularly and the only indication of the possibility of winning a jackpot is the payout.

A player can calculate the odds of winning but that's not counting the symbols roll. Today all the slot machines are computerized and are run by random number generators and it is they who will determine the series or combination that will appear on the payline. This happens in online casinos and also in land based casinos. It is therefore clear that it is impossible to predict whether the game will give a small or large lot. The casinos have higher payout but that does not mean that they regularly distribute a period of time because they too are distributed randomly.

Contrary to popular belief the casinos can not help or make it more difficult to win simply by pushing a button. They can change the chip slot machines but it would be breaking the law runs the games and casinos. It may be that in some cases to accommodate some players they raise the setting but again the result is still uncertain.

The only way to win in a game of slots is to play wisely.


Disbursement and Payout

 2012.01.17. 13:28

The most important consideration in choosing where to play the casino to your favorite slot machine is to check the payout. The percentage payout is one aspect of the game of slot machines that can potentially change the value of future earnings. This is what you need to know about the rates of discharge.

Disbursement or the rate of repayment is the amount returned by the casino to the player as a prize or winnings. It is the difference between total and put the rebate from the casino. You will find the percentage of payouts on reports of casino payouts among the other casino games such as roulette, baccarat, etc..

As the name suggests you will see the amount of disbursement as a percentage. Do not be intimidated. The payout rates are easy to understand. For example, if you have a payout of 93% of this particular machine means that it returns in 93 as earnings and keep the rest as income on average.

It is important to understand that the payout is calculated on the result of thousands of rounds. This is paid to each player.

Online casinos that offer slot machine games to display most reports on disbursement percentages on their website. These reports can be your guide in choosing the casino where you go play with more profit. But that's not enough to base your choice on these reports, you should also make sure that they were made by a reputable company independent. Fortunately many casinos also publish the name of the company that verified reports. If you are unsure you can always double-check with other websites.

We must also consider what a positive disbursement. Many players would like to know what is a good payout for slot machines. The answer is that it depends on the player. Those who play just for fun do not take into account the payout because they are more interested in other features of the game, while others want their money at every turn. A good rate would be around 93%. This rate is better than many casinos.

There are many ways for you to find the best online disbursements, but the amount of earnings you will receive also depends on the payout from the casino.

Online casinos are known for being slow to pay the players who have won a jackpot. Contrary to what happens in land based casinos money is not collected in person. Online money is transferred by means of electronic payment systems that can take several days.


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Simply play - Continuation

 2012.01.03. 14:20

If you are a beginner it is always better to start play on any number of pay lines and reels. If you play many paylines increase your risk, which can be dangerous to your finances. It is always tempting to bet big in hopes of winning the jackpot, but this also means that the losses will be much greater. Winning at slots is not easy, and the random number generator will not help you. Remember that you play to have fun because if you play for the jackpot you will be disappointed. And if by chance you pick up the prize you will certainly feel better if you do not think about all the losses to get there.

You have to start playing with a starting capital and never exceed this limit. This also applies to gains. The ideal would be to stop after doubling its implementation by not filling your losses. This way you will avoid large losses and the temptation to spend more than your limit to recover your losses. It is prudent to divide the amount you want to bet smaller amount for each session of play this way you can lose all your money at once. Decide in advance if you target the jackpot or if you prefer average amounts and regular. Are the major jackpots in progressive games but these require being very important. It is also important to always play on the machines with the best payouts on earnings.

If you're out of luck on a machine, change machine. If you have a negative number when you play online stop for a while. This way you avoid to continue on a roll negative or depressed.

Playing slots is fun and exciting and it's a nice way to earn some extra money, but it is very important s'avoir stop when there is only a slim chance to replenish its losses.

Simply play

 2011.12.01. 15:03

If you are a beginner it is always better to start play on any number of pay lines and reels. If you play many paylines increase your risk, which can be dangerous to your finances. It is always tempting to bet big in hopes of winning the jackpot, but this also means that the losses will be much greater. Winning at slots is not easy, and the random number generator will not help you.

Remember that you play to have fun because if you play for the jackpot you will be disappointed. And if by chance you pick up the prize you will certainly feel better if you do not think about all the losses to get there.


Play slots online casino

 2011.11.23. 13:36

Play slots whether online or in a real casino is always very entertaining. Unlike card games to play slot machines you do not need any authority but was just as exciting. You will only need patience.

While you play the slot machines mainly for entertainment we can still gain big prizes. Now you can find online progressive games as well as in casinos. Playing pokie machines is easy, but if you point to win the jackpot will be more difficult because the payout on earnings is irregular and the machines are programmed by a software random number generator makes lots even more difficult to to win. But do not be discouraged, with some tips to play fruit machines can be profitable and entertaining too.

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Council is still

 2011.11.17. 16:53

Already in the previous section was also discussed that could reasonably be played, and better if you just look around, what are lehetőségeint. Then try a slot machine demo, which is free. Then you should be informed about the minimum bets, winning chances.

This system has its advantages. It not only allows you to control your losses but you will long-term bet higher amounts when you win.

Given the incredible number of different slot machines in online casinos and land based casinos, it is equally important to make the right choice before you start playing. To make the most of you do not focus exclusively on money to be made, remember that slot machines are a fun and entertaining game and this will allow you to get the maximum.

If this is the direction we were then in the online casino world.

Best Counter
Web Tracker

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Unsuccessful play

 2011.11.09. 15:25

If you already play for a while and your bets have yielded no results, you are certainly came across a machine''cold''. Before starting you need to set the maximum number of games to win, then if you do not win it is better to change the machine to minimize your losses.

If you are a beginner, you better read some strategic advice, or ask more experienced friends, our family, our neighbors, but only if you're good terms with him. If you told us their experiences, you are closer to creating its own strategy. It is useful in practice, try free to play slot machines, and only then to real money. So little chance of losing.


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General Strategies for Slots

 2011.10.11. 15:41

Slot machines are the most famous games you can find either in casinos or in online casinos. Since their introduction they have become very popular and millions of players to try their luck. They are very different from other casino games where the skill affects the chance, here is the chance to pure sense of the word.

The very first slot machines were easy to use and understand. The player had to insert the number of coins bet and he wanted to pull the arm or in the newer versions, push a button. Once the reels began to turn to was the chance to decide the outcome. The odds in such cases was the more or less of half and half.

While certainly a game of chance, there still strategies that a player can apply to try to double its earnings and avoid losing all his money.

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Three attempts

 2011.09.28. 16:58

Microwave emitters vs. Computer Chip
Method: In this day and age almost every computer game machines precision tools. But of course they are not immune to manipulation. Technically savvy tinkerer will have developed a microwave beam to interfere with the micro-chip inside the machine, and it does not allow players to achieve the illegal payment, or in control of the game machines.
Does it work? This question is still no clear answer - in theory yes. Since most computers are screened, however, it is very difficult to build such an apparatus, the success of such an action rather the question. If this is such a simple fact, you can be sure that the whole casino would end very quickly.

In addition to the individual slot machines are now very well protected, there is still a real casino security and surveillance. Each casino is under video surveillance, and the larger institutions have a power supply voltage fluctuations measured by the machine. In other words, it is not advisable to attempt such a manipulation experiment - the stakes are simply too high.

The point is that each machine can be walked over in his mind, just not sure that it is worth. : D

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Second attempts

 2011.09.21. 14:11

In the second experiment with stove vs electronic ignition
Method: The technology has evolved, many gaming machines were equipped with electronic control. The cylinder is stopped in an electronic pulse. This was the player of course, very quickly, and looking for a way to ensure that this momentum is. And found a solution to a simple household appliance - an electric stove lighter. The electric spark these devices are actually able to influence the roles of certain fruit machines.
Does it work? The effect of electrical work in the 1989, the only slot machines that are not properly shielded to external stimuli. Moreover, you can also find the older casinos, especially in the "classic" machines that can operate on electric roads. However, most of these machines have to be filtered, and not depend substantially more great prizes.


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Three attempts - First attempt

 2011.09.12. 17:03

As promised in the previous section, I show the three manipulations, which circumvented the slot machines.

First attempt: a piece of money on the line vs mechanics
Method: When the gaming machine or a purely mechanical devices were cogs and coils worked, was testing whether a coin was thrown into a plate mounted on the actual springs. The coin was the disc, hold it and the game is released. Smart player invented a method that is called (hang) "clause". Just a string tied to the coin is a cast, and if you needed a test drive, simply leave the thread again and fished out your coin. Although this method does not increase your chances of winning, thus effectively playing for free.
Does it work? Previously, you could be fooled by this method is quite one or the other machine. But even if some pro players still carry around the quarterback on the line for good luck, this age of computer technology to cheat slot machines totally obsolete, since the coin detection is not done mechanically.

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Gaming machine manipulation

 2011.09.06. 13:10

The idea is as old as the only machines slot machines themselves. Each plane struck. Accordingly, it is probably much easier to come up with a way to circumvent the fruit machine when a fortune. The methods have become increasingly complex and sophisticated gaming machines are always fanciful, but the basic idea remains the same: How can outsmart me an automatic, so the victory was paying off, without me having scored a winning combination? We ask you today, these three methods, the players throughout history have tried the pokie machines, the machines, which play an influence. We emphasize that these tests are very illegal in Germany, for example, Australia, the USA, such as fraud and deception is even more difficult in high fines and even imprisonment in extreme cases, penalizing.

The next post I will continue this theme. Will learn to beat the slot machines.

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How to play slot machines?

 2011.08.23. 15:34

Minimum and maximum bets?

The answer to the question, "Is-that I always receive the maximum amount possible?" From even the type of slot, progressive and easy as any other factor. In general, if a slot is not clearly advertised as a "progressive machine," the best way to play the minimum bet. Why bet a larger amount if the potential is not proportional to the amount of the jackpot is at stake? Save the money you will spend about Paris, that small but increasing number, then set the goal to win a small jackpot from time to time.


Multi-line Slots

 2011.08.16. 13:15

Multi-line Slots, multi-paylines. These openings are seen growing in popularity, as and when the years. The multiple paylines are offered in various combinations, can make you a winner ... more. These pokie machines are different from other multi-reel machines by the symbols, a winning combination and jackpot, progressive or not.

Many generations casino player, you can always entertaining, what will be proposed later, with the poker machines. There are thousands of different fruit machines, all other topics and developments in technology can be found among the gaming machines online. Slots and sisters, arcade games, where a penny, are popular with the players not only because they offer a chance to win, but also because it can be a good time. He said several times that the value of a game against the slots machine does not make money is to present the game as long as possible, it is part.

Generally speaking, the infinite number of different slot machines, but everything is the same principle. Neither the traditional automatic or automatic digital only just the physical principle of rotation of the wheels, in short, the combination is randomly selected by the microprocessor in the gaming machine and the result appears on the roll itself is simply a copy of the results. Smaller differences are slots machines, graphic, visual and audible version of the rules on bonuses, the factors multiplying the stripes (or veins), and any extension of the jackpot poker machine base.

Fruit machines are designed to map the random number generator, a precise combination of agents. The online casinos, change is practically impossible, because the software platform was originally the ability to arbitrarily change the variables that defy mathematical logic games. In addition, the studies by independent bodies immediately do the owners of these machines to the sanctions.

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 2011.08.03. 16:31

The jackpot is the reason why gamblers play slot machines all the time, it's also the reason why in the world of gaming machines in the primary source of income for casinos. Maybe you can play slots for a while without winning, but if you win the jackpot, which can be great, it's worth!

The progressive jackpots are formed over time, every time the players bet. The value of the jackpot will be loud, but it will grow more slowly and as time goes by. In fact, more space is connected, and each was able to win the jackpot at any time. Since the value of the jackpot is growing increasingly desperate and the players are expected to fall at any time. This activity creates a sudden everyone expects that the lucky winner! Therefore, time can not stop the game to players, so they lose so much money. It was enriched by the state, so people will be runners on earth, so are mounting debt.

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Free Slots

 2011.07.20. 17:38

Many online casinos offer a lot of free pokies you can play instantly without a credit card. Of course, they are just there for fun fruit machines, as Paris is based on virtual money, not real money. Win a game machine, as obviously does not mean you gain a real profit. However, the total free slot on the opportunity to turn your virtual money with real money. If you choose this option, you must register a real account and the casino offers.

In general, it is recommended that beginners start with the players online free slots. Free games to start the game, not only online but also help to land-based casinos. Play a few hours, you will understand that the number of paylines that the progressive jackpot and how to read and understand the tables with an automatic payment. In addition, play free poker machines the best way to spend some quality time on the Internet without fear of losing all your money. Of course, free to play also means that there will be no real gain.

Many casinos also free spins (no deposit or bonus), which allows a real bonus when free. For example, if you play free slot machine, and place the symbols "bonus", you can earn them a "no deposit bonus". These are the same as the bonus round ends, which are played with real money, and money earned in these parts of the actual amounts to be credited.

Pokies for free

 2011.06.29. 16:29

The latest in the field of pokie machines and slots machines! The program offers borrowed a virtual slot machine with 5 wheels and 15 paylines.

Furthermore, bonus games, free games, super-game, real sound, a clear interface. Now with a new attitude!

From now on you are able to choose whether you want to invest more money than you win.

The super-realistic design and other features make this an unforgettable experience poker machines. Amazingly realistic graphics, sound and animations!

Pokie machine

 2011.06.23. 13:50

Now try your luck and play online slots! Since there are online casinos, pokie machines are also gone with them online and there are the most popular games. Fruit machines as "slots" or "one-armed bandits," are easy to use and offer excellent profit opportunities.

Profits and rates of internet pokie machines are the best in the world, the progressive online slots jackpots are moving in the millions. No other gambling such profits achieved with as little effort from the players. The gaming machines are made of rolls with simple figures or images.

These are, after activation by the players into a rotary motion and stopped after the random principle. The payoff is immediate, based on stakes and symbol combination. Could not be easier! In classic slot machines, there is a fixed price regardless of the bet. There are no all about high profits, but this one wins more often.

The poker machines can have different payout and symbol combinations. Progressive pokies machines offer jackpots that grow continuously until it is cracked. This jackpot can be of one or more gaming machines that are connected to each other.

A percentage of the bets come in this jackpot. If a player hit the jackpot, the jackpot starts to grow a minimum amount again.

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Bonus Rounds

 2011.06.16. 15:27

Why not teach the kinds of bonuses on the net games are delivered?

There are mainly three teams in the fall of the bonuses:

1. Free Play Pokie or signal-Up Bonus

2. The third deposit bonus Loyalty Bonus

Free play pokie bonus or sign-up bonus is this kind of sweet for a newcomer. A person who is new to the game and can join the game without a sum of money on the web. Its vulnerability to hazards is virtually zero! Nevertheless, with the bonus free pokie are chances that you can not show you your own large bonus amounts as a result of your financing has been virtually nil. The casino gaming sites could clueless when they reward you greatly. Overall, if you are new to the game, free bonus is a safe bet!

The deposit bonus: The bonus deposit welcome bonus is a good choice for people who are qualified with the play of the game in comparison. In the deposit bonus if you deposit initially a provisional amount of money. Then, after they have received your money, you are in certain denominations or in the increase in value as the recovery progresses bonus amounts are paid. The bonus can be paid in a single shot! As a bonus, usually a percentage is the amount you originally deposit.

Loyalty Bonus: Loyalty Bonuses are only offered to those who play with a certain site play pokies. That's good for people who are used to play the game.
They are regular customers. It is entirely at the discretion of the game site as to which loyalty bonus and whom not to grant. The bonus is based on the period of your association with the gaming Web site. You have no control over it. And it would often just you!


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Free pokies online

 2011.06.07. 14:43

If you sit down at a table in blackjack or roulette, the results are completely random, no matter which side of the table you sit. Not so with the online slot machines. The payment amounts for online slots machines are the same.


The higher the percentage of payout, the lower is the advantage for the house. You should always keep an eye on the payout structure, because the higher you are, the more you can win.


Look for a slots machine, which is coupled to a progressive jackpot. You can recognize these machines because a large number that rises consistently to see on the screen. If you play in such a machine, then be aware that from each dollar you put into the machine, one part flows into the progressive jackpot.


Progressive jackpots are large profit pools that are formed by a network of many slot machines to play where the players all the same to the jackpot. By the amount of players in the jackpot rises to an enormous height and the right combinations are made​​, you can win thousands of dollars.


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Free pokie games - Slot machines

 2011.06.02. 13:37


Online slot machines


The time in which people related to pokies machines in small, dark courtyard bars, beer and cigar smokers men behind the machines, now more and more of the past.

The trend is right online slots machines - and especially the Australian. More recently, players can literally pour into the online casino to try your luck there. The selling point of the one-armed bandits on the Internet, and the used of course, many online casinos, in order to profit.

Australian casinos have also recognized that the new trend of online poker machines. Australian fans of the game, probably because of the huge jackpot.

If this is your first time to play fruit machines online slot machines offer a number of simple instructions and guidance on how to play the best. However, the best online gaming is often the most intuitive and easiest to learn. You can easily play with them.

Clearly visible in the pictures, because in today's online casinos are very nice to watch design. Deal with a lot of games development, to be the more playable. The point is that everyone would want to play with. :)



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